PBL World 2013…and It’s Only Day 1!

Wow. Wowee, really is all I can say. Today has ben an incredible ride. I began with being nervous about whether or not I would meet new people. I quickly decided to let that go and just allow the day to bring what it would bring because it always does regardless of my worries.

We started with listening to Steven Ritz, the founder of The Green Bronx Machine! I have seen his Ted Talk before and he was even more inspiring in person. There were so many take-aways, but my fav was, “It’s easier to fix unhealthy children than broken men,” and one I probably shouldn’t mention but I will, of course, which was something like, “Better to have kids pollinating plants than each other!” Great stuff! I live in Baltimore and my wonderful city known as “Charm City” could really benefit from doing this kind of PBL. We are the heroin capital of America, I believe, and I know we can take all of that great entrepreneurialism, albeit illegal entrepreneurialism, that is going on everyday and put it to much better use.

I attended PBL 101 with Gina Olabuenaga after our wonderful keynote speaker and was not disappointed. I love, love, love that finally, for once, we learned how to do something by doing it! YAY! Modeling does and can take place in teacher trainings! We actually learned how to plan a PBL through experiencing it. I loved being able to see what a smaller version of PBL was compared to a larger scale PBL. I loved learning more about driving questions and receiving a tool to help us create them–how to implement the “Tuberic!” I have been looking at it for the past year trying to figure out what it was and how in the heck I would actually be able to make it.

Next, I attended a Tech Bootcamp on blogging with Suzie Boss, Bianca Hewes and Andrew Miller! They discussed their experience with blogging and gave tips on how to write for particular audiences and how to get an audience. The greatest take away I received from that was to be provocative and unafraid, but also careful. Write to be true to yourself but be smart about it.

The day ended with me connecting with my two new friends, Jill Cohen from North Carolina and Tina Photakis from Australia! How great it is to learn about education issues in different parts of the world! We are explorers in a new land, really. We are educational explorers exploring in a new land of technology and global connections where the world is truly our classroom. I am excited, honored and humbled to be a part of it.



3 thoughts on “PBL World 2013…and It’s Only Day 1!

  1. I hope that you have much success. My wife was a special teacher years ago. Family life of the students made learning very difficult in the classroom. Sad situation.

  2. Heidi, it was wonderful to meet you and spend time with you yesterday. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and impressions!

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