Too Much to “Due”, So Little Time!

Well, the school year has begun and I am beginning to get panicked about how much I want to do. I certainly do not have to do all of the things on my list, but I really want to do them! #1 on my list right now (besides teaching my students, of course) is Project Learning Swap Meet 2013 Baltimore. I suppose I should explain how the whole thing came about.

After attending PBL World in Napa Valley, California this past June, I was completely inspired to spread the PBL love to everyone and anyone who was willing to learn and listen. I facilitated a little information session this summer I called “PBL and Summer Sangria” at my school and had a decent turnout. However, I really wanted to do something on a larger scale and perhaps connect with people on a regular basis who were into supporting each other through this PBL journey. I thought of doing an EdCamp but wasn’t excited about getting sponsors and quite frankly, didn’t know if I could do an EdCamp only about PBL. So, I was Tweeting away one night when I came upon Bianca Hewes Tweet which requested people to sign up for #PLSM2013. Lucky for me, I met Bianca in Napa at PBL World in June! I clicked the link, read about it and wanted to go right away. Bianca and her husband, Lee, also a teacher, described Project Learning Swap Meet as a DIY event to exchange ideas and resources about project based learning and the participants would then set the activities of the day based on what the participants wanted. Hopefully, there would be time to begin planning or revamping an existing PBL with help from the group! It was an unconference about PBL! So very cool! The problem was I lived in Baltimore and PLSM2013 was in Sydney, Australia. I decided to Tweet Bianca and Lee and ask them if I could borrow their idea and try it here in Baltimore. They said yes and the rest is history!

So, here I am, trying to get 40 participants for #PLSM2013Baltimore on October 5th. I asked Suzie Boss to speak to participants and she agreed. She spoke at Bianca and Lee’s first meet last January and they said she was incredible! Thank you Suzie Boss! I also need to finish my list of resources to send to participants prior to the event. This blog was on my list, so at least I am finishing this!! LOL

Now, I just need to finish planning two PBL units I begin in about a week and a half (one on Creativity and the other using the novel, The One and Only Ivan), finish my submission to present at Global EdCon in November, revamp my World Class 4 Kids project on Skype so that three classes will be able to choose and connect with each other on a spread sheet, finish signing my kids up for Kid Blog and Biblionasium, and figure out what and how I will teach my first Mathalicious unit! Piece of cake! Is it happy hour yet? Lol 


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