Global EdCon Project Reflection and Launch!

Monday, November 18th at 8 pm EST, I will be doing a presentation on the global PBL I attempted with my students last year called The #Malala Project. I am so, so nervous to present! I decided, however, that I would ask myself to do the very thing I ask students to do everyday…take a risk, be a true learner! So here I am, procrastinating by blog going about it instead of making up notecards to go with my slides. Teaching seems so much easier than presenting. With presenting, you need to be able to tell a good story…it has to have an engaging beginning, building to an exciting middle, wrapped up by a clean, clear cut ending that leaves the audience feeling satisfied, but somehow wanting more. A tough job for sure, especially if done virtually! So perhaps what I will do this week is present to my students, give them a rubric and ask them to grade me! Ha!Ha! What an interesting concept! What if we had to regularly give students rubrics for them to grade our teaching? I shall try it this week and report back what I found…surely I am not the first to think of this.
At least I was able to finish my Haiku Deck slides in preparation for launching The One and Only Ivan Project as a part of The Global Classroom Projects 2013-2014 Launch on November 22, 6 am EST and then again November 23, 3 pm EST. scary and fun, all at the same time!


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