My Why

Last week I discovered Brad Gustafson’s new book, Renegade Leadership. I follow Brad on Twitter and often read his blog posts.  I began reading his book and became particularly inspired by this quote, “We are kidding ourselves if we think we can merely delegate learning to our staff while somehow maintaining relevance as school leaders.” As a new administrator, I continually think about how I will maintain my relevance as a curricular leader. How will I model for teachers, students and parents my beliefs about teaching and learning? We are living in a digital world. As educators, it is imperative that we utilize technology and connect with our global community.

In wanting to “walk that talk,” I decided to start a Renegade Leadership book chat utilizing the app Voxer. I Tweeted an invite out to the world, including @GustafsonBrad, and he agreed to pop into our group. What a gift!


Before beginning the book, Brad Gustafson invites the reader to answer two questions: why are we reading the book and connecting in this online space and what is our ‘why?’ I think a lot about what I do everyday, but what was my why? The great thing about the timing of all of my pondering these questions was that I had Back to School Night that very night and had to publish my weekly parent email that very day. The following email was a result of all of this thinking:

From Heidi Hutchison,

Lower School Assistant Principal for PreK-PreFirst    

September 8, 2016


Dear Families,

This week students are beginning to adjust and come to grips with a full day’s schedule. Although, there are still sleepy faces from time to time, they are happy, relaxed, and feeling safe. I have truly enjoyed getting to know each one of them and must admit, the hugs in the morning are priceless!

Tonight is Back to School Night in the Pre-Primary building (7:00 pm-8:00 pm, Multi-Purpose Room) and I have thought a lot about what I should share so that you get to know me a little better. Someone shared a video with me called, “Know Your Why” and it made me realize that you should definitely know my “why.” Before you read on, I encourage you to watch this video by clicking the link.

My “why” is to serve, inspire, and support our children, our families, and my colleagues in our community. I wake up happy, pretty much every single day. I love our students and our teachers. You should know I want to help build a bridge between school and home. You should also know that I am passionate about teaching and learning and I will work tirelessly to think outside of the box and make every situation work somehow for the better. Sometimes people wonder how I can be so happy most of the time, and I realized it’s because of my faith and I know my “why.”

I look forward to seeing you all tonight!


Heidi Hutchison

I look forward to connecting with my new PLN (Personal Learning Network) via the #RenLead Voxer book chat and building relationships with my new Pre-Primary community at Friends School. I will continue to strive to “walk the talk” and above all listen with my head and my heart.



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