I am a 5th grade teacher at Friends School of Baltimore and have been teaching 5th for almost a full three years. I previously taught 4th grade for 8 years at Friends. In July 2015, I completed a one year graduate program in School Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania and earned my MSED. I am and have been passionate about teaching and learning for years. However, I must attribute the realization of my passion for connected education to my experience with the Powerful Learning Practice. It was there I learned about connecting and sharing and community. It was there I understood I was on a new path and became a self directed learner.

I am excited to share my journey as a connected educator with others. I have so much to learn and I am committed and believe whole heartedly in the power of sharing what we think we know. I believe students respond to honesty and they can tell if you really love what you do. I am lucky because I do what I love everyday. I want to model this journey for my students by making my learning transparent. I hope that someday they also will do what they love, because there is nothing better.


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